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The Audiovisual Content department at Hurí pursues and develops outstanding ideas

raising audiovisual projects to the highest level in the television sector.


Television Formats

We create and produce television formats for general and themed broadcasts. Hurí is responsible for giving life to any audiovisual challenge, from the initial idea to the final product.

Video events

We produce and film on-demand, videos of a wide range of events with the objective of communication, enjoyment or training. Ready to assume the management, production and broadcasting of the project.



At the same time, our communication team dedicate themselves to editing and broadcasting the audiovisual content generated and suitable for the use of all multiplatform users.

+ Formats for televisión

Genre: Game show                    Broadcaster: Canal Sur

Frequency: Daily                 Time Slot: Access Prime Time

Demographic: Family                        Running Time: 42 minutes

Premio Doble is a game show in which the participant accepts that, in order to win the amount accumulated throughout the game, a stranger who they meet on the street will have to play and win with them. Only by completing this ultimate test will they win their prize.


Género: Food and Travel  Emisora: Canal Sur

Periodicidad: Weekly          Franja: Prime Time

Target: Family                        Duración: 45′ minutes

El Gusto es Nuestro is a journey throughout Andalucía with the goal of raising awareness of the excellence of the region’s products, history and globally recognised gastronomic culture.



Género: Sport                  Periodicidad: Weekly           

Target: Family                     Duración: 45′ minutes

Escuela de Campeones shows the evolution of a young sportsperson in a football school, of the big teams in the Spanish league.


Género: Rural Tourism       Periodicidad: Weekly         

Target: Family                   Duración: 45′ minutes

El Tiramillas is a format that attempts to offer the spectator the chance to get to know the feeling of living in a small town.

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