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First Memorial Guillermo Villegas Herrera


Huri sponsors the first Mountain Bike Trial “Memorial Guillermo Villegas Herrera” that will be celebrated the next 2nd of August in 2015 in Montillana (Granada).



Supportive Aide in North Africa


The best way to enjoy success is to share with others the benefits success reaps. At Hurí we want to collaborate to make the life of some African populations more dignified and humane.

Our economic support has contributed to improving the sanitary conditions of the inhabitants of small towns likes Netanyaku, in Benin, Western Africa.

There we helped construct a well to guarantee the supply of drinkable water to the population, as well as undertaking different projects in education, such as the construction of a school.

We share this information and images not to glorify our contribution, but to encourage you so that you too can collaborate in development projects that improve life in Africa, the forgotten continent.